# Contract Addresses

Addresses for the currently deployed contracts, required for interaction and integration

# Mainnet

xFUND Token: 0x892A6f9dF0147e5f079b0993F486F9acA3c87881 (opens new window)
Router: 0x9ac9AE20a17779c17b069b48A8788e3455fC6121 (opens new window)

# Polygon Mainnet

xFUND Token: 0x77a3840f78e4685afaf9c416b36e6eae6122567b (opens new window)
Router: 0x5E9405888255C142207Ab692C72A8cd6fc85C3A2 (opens new window)

# ETH Testnet (Rinkeby)

xFUND Mock Token: 0x245330351344F9301690D5D8De2A07f5F32e1149 (opens new window)
Router: 0x05AB63BeC9CfC3897a20dE62f5f812de10301FDf (opens new window)

See Providers for OoO Data Provider addresses

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